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An exposed castle

In calm weather it might be great
to live in a castle exposed to the sea.
But whatever its comfortable state,
in a storm it is not where you’d like to be.

The trees that offer some protection
will be rattled, tousled, torn,
and after careful circumspection
mourn the leaves that are forlorn.

Far from towns and streets, however,
the air ‘s as fresh as it can be.
And when the web links did not sever
you still learn more than you can see.

Your home and castle you expose,
but only to the wind that blows.

Bird’s eye view

The dream of flying like a bird
has fascinated man when thoughts began to fly,
and ideologists impulses spurred,
which had some human conquerors then try.

So obviously people have succeeded
to construct crafts with which to push the air,
that when aerodynamics, too, are heeded
they can ascend and see our earth from there.

And what they see is nature no more pure,
but cultured in a way that we enjoy.
Vast areas of towns and roads to tour
cover the ground, surprisingly not only to annoy.

Bottled up

You don’t need bottles to suppress your fear,
booze is no remedy for problems, as we know.
Better you keep your wits together and stay clear
to solve the worries as they come and make them go.

Suppression is a short-term way as well
to delay a lasting and thought through solution,
but the longer you on hesitation dwell
the less free your brain can make a contribution.

The truth in wine lies in its quantities, it’s true,
it loosens tongues, makes shy scruples forget,
and sometimes drinking creates something new,
but with too much your head will scream regret.

Colourful sails

When the wind blows from astern
spinnakers are bound to be
hoisted till the next wind’s turn,
colourful, a sight to see.

The steering with this biggest sail
demands good knowledge of the boat.
If you don’t know her you might fail
to handle her, and others gloat.

And the maneuver to pull in
the spinnaker takes a good team,
especially if you want to win
the skipper’s praise and high esteem.

For lookers-on this is a show
and seems so easy, calm and slow.


The biggest contrast that might come to mind
is light and dark – like day and night,
but also life and death, seeing or blind,
love and hate or black and white.

There is no life without its end,
and life on our earth can thrive
by the rays the sun does send
to nature, that we stay alive.

In the darkness of the night
it is the moon that sends us rays,
dispels the dark with silver light
but never quite as bright as days.

All contrast makes us recognize
that our life is a high prize.


Parenting is a great profession
demanding body, soul and heart.
Most days it calls for a concession
to your own needs right from the start.

Children claim care loudly and clear,
their right to live the same as yours.
They are so cuddly, small and dear,
but many sorrows they can cause.

A parent learns as a sure fact
that children have their own free will,
but they are easy to distract
with simple changes to instil.

Eye shadow

It’s not a face and no real eye,
no makeup to enhance,
but somehow even cars can try
and take their special stance.

Car manufacturers know how
to lure prospective buyers,
and to their secret wishes bow
from motor sounds to tyres.

Even the sound of closing doors
is thought of just to please.
The customer is a lost cause
smelling the new car breeze.

Real eye shadow is not a fake,
it’s just enhancing for your sake.

Finding your place

Self-centred living as a child
is normal until you turn wild.
In teenage years you try to find
yourself and sever stronger bind.

You want to rebel and to face
the world until you find your place.
Thus growing older you confess
you might have made your life a mess.

But insight in your faults to blame
you learn from them, put them to shame.
A sense of humour makes you rise
and become modest, smart and wise.

From top to bottom

Invited to a formal celebration
you take extra care of what you wear.
Accessories and detailed integration
are also not to be neglected there.

From top to bottom everything must fit
your form, of course, and the occasion,
no matter if you stand or dance or sit,
sparcely attended or a great invasion.

But what is in between from hat to shoes
defines the quality characterwise.
Some people hide in clothes or in tattoos
or act as money sharks in a disguise.

From top to bottom honest is a tree:
except for some you get exactly what you see.

Get on the top!

No effort too small to climb the ladder
to become top dog and have the say.
But climbing up the mast is sadder
because up there you sure will sway.

As a boss you need firm stand,
any swaying makes look weak,
your company shakes out of hand
when you seem tired or too meek.

To get on top is no child’s play,
to stay on top no easy task.
You have to claim it every day,
so to save face you wear a mask.

Should your decision powers sway
climb down and ask what others say.