Kategorie: Landscapes – Nature at its best


Nature developed in profusion
a cornucopia of form.
But man’s methodical intrusion
cut their number in a storm.

We enjoy nature, peace and quiet,
see coloured flowers with delight,
but at the same time cope with riot
and scorn and disrespect and fight.

Only variety, however,
helps us and nature to proceed
and continuously endeavour
to see what people really need.

Try to survive

Hardly significant and hidden
a fern tries to survive in grass.
But who says that it is forbidden
to have unprecedented brass.

If you stand out among the others
you are aware of the odd danger.
Without like-minded friends or brothers
you would need help from any stranger.

And that takes courage, just to ask
and deal with the reaction later.
Meanwhile you take a pleasant bask
unpopularly as a traitor.


Look for the green where the green can be seen.
In a town today it looks lost.
Too many people for nature can mean
that it suffers at our cost.

Exploiting the earth won’t win us success,
for finally nature will win.
Driven by greed we condone the mess,
regardless of kith and kin.

So what will eventually happen here
eludes our technical skill.
Preserving what we hold worth and dear
must precede, or we pay the bill.

Through the bull’s eye

A limited view of the landscape that’s passed
is allowed through the bull’s eye down low.
Even impressive sights do not last,
a photo might fix them just so.

However the focus on one special sight
is enhanced as you slowly proceed.
Although panoramic pictures are bright,
it’s often a focus you need.

Concentration on one special task at a time
can save you confusion and blunder.
There’s no need to hurry, no bells call and chime,
just the little you see is a wonder.

Those spring greens

In spring the trees push different greens
to greet the warmth that settles
on lakes and ground and softly leans
on trees and bush and nettles.

The frogs which feel their life in spring
croak concert competition,
and all the birds that love to sing
do so from top position.

Deep down in creatures and in us
the spring of life does burst,
and everybody’s in a fuss
because we feel life’s thirst.

The white line

Irregular but crystal clear
the border line is drawn
farther inland and coming near,
progress and yet forlorn.

We set a value and a date
to limit the pollution,
but, honestly, it is too late,
too bad our contribution.

We want to save the planet earth
and know what must be done,
but there’s no reason for our mirth,
for selfishness has won.

The sun still shines

When in summer clouds are drifted
slowly across open skies
larks and moods both are uplifted
singing with the winds that rise.

Shadows pass, are temporary,
sunshine always pushes through.
The best wish for your lucky fairy
is to sing a song for you.

The song of freedom, peace and quiet,
contentedness and harmony.
Forgetting war and fight and riot,
but love the world that we can see.

The same sun

Hard to believe but the sun is the same
for all of us, richer and poor.
And any excuse would rather be lame
to assume we were different in core.

Our earth is just one and a small one at that,
which is day by day getting more crowded.
And while we conquer it and chat
it is more and more by exhaust shrouded.

So the sun can look different because we don’t see
that the veil we put up is man-made.
Let us hope it will still tomorrow be
the same. We have nothing to trade.