Kategorie: Poems – inspired by pictures

You swallow the bait

When you are in a thirsty state,
of course you swallow such a bait.
You see the “beer” and think “fine, free!
this is where I would rather be.”

The question “when?” does not arise
immediately. But, oh, surprise!
Till tomorrow you must wait
to swallow beer, and not the bait.

So now the problem is how far
the next drink is or the next bar.
Depending on your state of thirst
you pay the beer, but drink it first.

Your foot says it all

How carelessly we step on feet,
even our own.
As if they were a piece of meat
that we condone.

But then the sole on which we stand
shows more
to those who understand
reflex zone lore.

The soles which often we neglect
as a small part
are those that with the ground connect
for every start.

So we should lavish care on feet
it matters greatly how we treat
these doors.

You can’t tame wilderness

Put flowers in a vase and show
that you lend nature your own hand,
but then they will but shortly stand
and hang their heads soon rather low.

Courageous colours of the flowers
enlighten gloomy household chores.
And while routine us daily bores
they mix up life with petal showers.

But wilderness defies the taming
of whatever plants we know.
Nature lets the flowers grow,
man’s influence is just their naming.

The way to heaven

It’s not that easy if you pray
to be accepted into heaven.
You first must live and learn and stay
on this old earth till level seven.

Life is a process full of learning
the ropes of how you really live,
to then enjoy what you are earning
loving the gift that moments give.

You have developed from your past,
experience your present care,
and knowing that it doesn’t last
you plan the future as you dare.

The difference at your life’s end
seems to be that it’s your past
which takes precedence in the end;
future is present and does last.

The number three

Three is always more than two
which makes sense in numbers
and in groups quite often, too.
Are two awake, one slumbers.

Or one watches out with care
while two more are sleeping.
Though this case is rather rare:
one phone is always beeping.

Numbers in pairs or blocks of three
are memorized at will.
So that for an emergency
there is no special drill.

But PINs with four digits mean trouble
when you have more than two.
Even if some appear as double
they could be difficult for you.

The future

Seen through the eyes of one who leaves
the past held dark clouds brewing
like a divorce that one achieves
by nothing else but suing.

But all the darkness stays behind
the present offers hope
which open-eyed you now can find
and know that you can cope.

For future reference the past
is just a kind of measure,
a scanty shadow it can cast
on present life and pleasure.

The end

It’s not the end of the world, it’s true,
but the end of the road so to say.
So all that’s left for you to do
is to discover a different way.

Sometimes an end seems absolute,
with no chance for a way out,
which, of course, you must strictly refute,
for it doesn’t have real clout.

Though if you felt terrible pain
you would want it to end.
And any means would be your gain
even if drugs pretend.

A day, a night, a film, a book
do have a definite end,
but try to have a greater look
at what’s behind the bend.

Street art

How many feet have carelessly walked
on this randomly man-made design?
It was on the street, no need to get stalked,
quite open to your eyes and mine.

But then most pedestrians didn’t look down,
nor did they want to accept
that dirt on the street is a reason to frown,
and a careless behaviour inept.

The picture resulting, however, is fine
and looks like deliberate art,
like patches of ink crossed by any odd line,
and the smoke that is squashed is a start.


A spotlight from below means trouble,
its focus could expose bad traits
swept under the fine carpet’s stubble
of gently woven coloured plaits.

Though when turned off it does invite
people to aim their rubbish there,
which probably will dim the light
if nobody is there to care.

You guessed, of course, illumination
of a famous building site
is the aim, not invitation
for people’s discard out of spite.

Solar energy unplugged

What a shame that we cannot
plug directly energy
from the sun to every spot
where its use is meant to be.

But, of course, we do enjoy
our lives without a care
and quite shamelessly deploy
the energy just everywhere.

Without the electricity
on which we completely depend
our world’s complexity
would shrink if not completely end.