Kategorie: Poems with a grain of salt


A fine nose can detect a smell
from far as well as near.
Who knows what this sense then does tell
the brain, to fight or fear?

I never saw a cow in flight,
they mostly stand and stare.
Does this mean that they are not bright
or that they just don’t care?

The human nose does not provide
us with a refined notion,
but our brains must still decide
to follow one emotion.

As being nosy is no way
to know who’s friend or foe,
it takes much more for us to say
it’s go or not to go.

Modern witches

A modern witch does not – i must insist –
wear any hat nor any fancy cloaks.
She wanders secretly – you get the gist –
and keeps her mouth shut, and she never smokes.

This is the reason why she weaves her magic
through written words that can and will entice.
Should you be targeted it’s tragic
because intoxicated you’ll see mice.

The secrecy of witchdom is a danger.
You have to watch for witches everywhere.
Beware of every smiling stranger
who wants to meet on facebook. Don’t go there.

The modern witch is actually addiction
to modern media that keeps you running.
Stay smart on top in life and not in fiction.
Using your brains will keep you fit and cunning.

Inanimate objects

Those who have talent know how to make
pieces of art from scrap and take
them simply home to gather dust
until they somehow catch their lust.

Provided then they find some peace
on top of that these findings,
they start creating and release
their powers without bindings.

They put together what they found
according to their vision,
don’t mind when other people sound
confused or show derision.

When after all they feel content
with what they let evolve,
their energy seems mostly spent
and waits for new resolve.


Sometimes in life our view is clouded,
sometimes for what we dare not see.
Every so often we leave shrouded
what otherwise would trouble be.

Most of the time a cloud just hides
a tiny part of our sky,
the shape of which in fact decides
if its content will leave us dry.

For photos clouds may add dimension,
photographers do like them white.
Landscapes seem deeper by extension,
shadows intensify the light.

A different cloud is made to carry
virtual information power,
which in the end may raise the query
if this can always hold a shower.


A practical gizmo to cover a gap
is a bridge which allows you to cross.
For a stream of soft mud can be a trap
that clings to shoes, makes you look gross.

And anyhow closing a gap makes sense,
be it ditch or a space or a hole.
Gaps are negative and keep up a suspense
in your gut feeling, sometimes your soul.

Building a bridge then maybe does fulfil
a desire to span different views.
It reaches out peacefully to instil
the common sense – not to mud shoes.

An apple a day

That’s what you say:
an apple a day
keeps the doctor away.
When there are four
it should help even more.

But can health be compared
if you went on and cared?
Be content with your life.
Go on struggle and strife.

Just be nice to your bees
which help minimize fees
for doctors and such.
Keep with nature in touch.

A chair

The Vikings thought of this design,
made of beech or oak – not pine.
Conifers are suited less
as their resin might distress.

And another good advice
for a stable seat is nice:
cut the boards thick and two to mate,
so that they carry men of weight.

Of course the chair itself weighs much,
which is no problem then as such,
because half of the chair is lighter
and dissembled takes no fighter.

So when the Vikings moved around
until a settlement was found
the furniture that could be carried
was taken with them and not harried.

Or if it was too old and rotten
it could be burnt or just forgotten.


There is no doubt at all you think:
this fruit cannot be eaten.
Should they in paradise still wink,
temptations would be beaten.

Apples, however, shine and smell
and can seduce with looks,
which, as we know, did not go well,
told in the Book of books.

Appearances sometimes deceive,
so get to know the core.
With knowledge that you then retrieve
you cherish fruit the more.

The fruit of this sweet chestnut tree
is covered till it’s ripe.
It’s soft and brown and then falls free
of outer layers’ hype.


As bees are naturally attracted
to blooming flowers when they shine,
such beauty cannot be enacted,
its blossoms genuine and fine.

One law of nature is attraction
that makes sure species propagate.
It instigates profound inspection
before a willingness to mate.

Colours are standard fascination
more often than the simple white.
So, of course, women’s dedication
to colour is a natural rite.

Bright colours radiate profusion
of happiness and confidence.
Sometimes, though, they are an illusion
and don’t reflect much common sense.

Doing it standing up

At first glance you might think it queer
what kind of sports this cow does here.
But then you look again and find
the cow makes room for its behind.

A tiny hoof and head protrude.
So this is more than the prelude
of giving birth to a new calf:
some pushes and there’s more than half.

Respect is what I feel as mother
for this mother not to bother
but stand up on three legs still strong
full trusting nothing will go wrong.

When half the calf is out it falls
and gives the first small mooing calls.
The mother hopefully responds,
which forms at once their unique bonds.