Kategorie: Features and creatures – poems

Yellow sky

Like a long bowl of glass
the sky bears down on open seas.
The sun with its glaring yellow mass
hovers above, untouched by the breeze.

The sky is open and forever wide,
no ocean can with its expanse compete.
And we never see the other side,
as restricted as our view must be.

We feel the sky above far or low,
close to the touch when clouds disperse.
But then the distance of stars does show
the unbelievable universe.

Wide wild sea

When the weather gets rough and a bitter storm blows
unimpeded across the wide sea,
you experience moments when nobody knows
where the beginning or end of the sky used to be.

The waves reach at the sky and tower
above deep holes where boats can sink
and where the water shows its power
and can destroy you in a wink.

By tossing and turning the sea whips up spume
and the spray is blown in the air.
Stuck in this whirlwind you are right to assume
that the balance of power is not at all fair.

Where the sun shines

Where the sun shines we call it ‘day’
in either hemisphere,
though in the north it’s hard to say
when winter days come near.

The darker such a day crawls past
the more depressed you’re found,
and beg that winter does not last
much longer that year round.

Polar light does not boost emotion,
although it’s such a sight
and gives you in the night a notion
of sun power so bright.

When the sun shines we like to live
and enjoy what it can give.

Want not – waste not

If you take care on what you lie
a mattress is the key.
When it is rotten, don’t be shy,
insist on quality.

You want the comfort to sleep well
because you need the rest.
In the morning you can tell
which mattress was the best.

Your body thanks you, it’s no waste,
to sleep well a no-brainer.
But here someone disposed in haste
his mat in the container.


Wallflowers can be beautiful, you see,
although they often are not recognized,
as they are shy to show their quality
and wilt before it’s truly realized.

So when a person tries to fade away,
and blend in crowds not really to be seen,
tell them to take courage and to stay
and show that they are well adept and keen.

For everybody has an inborn gift
that has to be discovered, it is true,
but with some effort they can always try and lift
it from the unknown, show what they can do.

The proper order

Sometimes to establish proper order
you simply turn things upside down.
Here someone took the wall as border,
painted it blue, the door just brown.

Everybody has their own
sense of order, as we know.
What to some seems wildly thrown
is for others right just so.

In our heads, what’s right and proper
differs, too, with due respect.
The brains don’t have a moral stopper
to right simply from wrong detect.

This decision is left free.
But what you do shows who you’ll be.

The interruption of blue

The eye is pleased with such a sight
when blue shades alternate.
But on a sailing boat it might
bore when the winds abate.

A consequence of fickle wind
will be to pull down sails
whereby your sailing plans rescind
until more wind prevails.

Or looking closer you detect
a harbour straight ahead
So it is easy to deflect
from sailing then instead.

For then, the boat docked at the pier,
you can enjoy your can of beer.

The eye in the sky

It is not Google who does watch us here
but an eye far bigger than we know.
We can’t escape this one so we stay clear
of things that hurt even before we go.

The eye called conscience is so hard to please
because it defies any concrete grip.
It is ingrained in us like a disease,
ever so often wielded like a whip.

Who made us think of what is right or wrong?
Did we come by it just by chance or how?
Were our primal ancestors so strong
that there’s a guideline for us even now?

That’s what roots are for

One purpose for roots is to hold on to their ground
so the tree does not fall over lightly.
They spread out to the side where the balance is found,
seldom seen like here so brightly.

For people the balancing act is to find
the roots that made their ways
into character traits, and not to be blind
for whatever inherent stays.

Accepting your roots means to let them hold
a major part of your being,
but your own life needs you to be bold,
be the person that people are seeing.


We can be sure: before we once detected
any symmetrical proportion
nature came first and already perfected
such splendid forms without regret or caution.

Mathematicians are still proud of finding
the rules for symmetry in different forms,
which till today are generally binding
and for the artist represent accepted norms.

Our eyes are pleased when they see distinct beauty,
however, tastes do differ quite a lot.
Our culture makes us think it is a duty
to put each structure in its proper spot.