Kategorie: Contribution to what has already been said

You can eat all

Decorated plates inspire
to take photos first of all.
It’s the details you admire,
which after attacks must fall.

And besides you do not know
if digestion of the petals
that you never have seen grow
doesn’t make you sit in nettles.

When courageous you can eat
carefully and in small doses
many flowers as a treat.
Just make sure no thorns of roses.

Wood bee

A bee would not be a bee
if its genes were not what they are.
So would wood not at all be
as hard as we know it so far.

But what we continually do
is killing insects like bees,
and unfortunately it’s also true
that we go on losing more trees.

Only now – if it is not too late –
some projects help keeping the bee,
so that fruit can be held in a state
that tomorrow we would like to see.

White wine without fish

The atmosphere along a coast
often enough includes a toast
on life in general and pleasure
to enjoy health and fun in measure.

A glass of wine can round off days
when their memory still stays.
You calmly look at rolling seas
and smell the salt in the soft breeze.

And slowly thoughts begin to wander
you feel the now – no time to squander.
Whatever happened is now past.
What you decide to do will last.

We leave a trace

In your life you leave a trace
whether you notice it or not.
Nobody stays in just one place
and always jogs the same old spot.

We move along with fellow mates
or even anti-current-wise,
however secret our states
we cannot act in full disguise.

We interact day in day out,
communicate in quiet.
We don’t have openly to shout
or propagate a riot.


It happens that your plans are twisted
when destructions cross your way.
All places once carefully listed
have to be cancelled day by day.

Where you wanted relaxation,
stop and sleep all through the night,
you find only irritation
ruining the planned delight.

Twisted words can lead to trouble
when they are misunderstood.
Illusions might burst like a bubble.
But with hope you knock on wood.

The way of life

Your life is not simply a way:
you cannot wait a bit and stay,
it isn’t there from start to end,
and you can’t see a future trend.

The quality of your life’s way
depends on what you do and say
and on the schools that you attend
and on the messages you send.

They are the flagstones that you lay
communicating every day,
deciding whom you need as friend
or better not your time to spend.

The proper way

One knows a wanderer shouldn’t stray
to disturb wildlife night or day.
That is why walking in the wood
when there’s no way proves not so good.

Besides all kinds of hidden traps
might hold you or you drop in gaps.
Tough luck when through the bush you huddle
and suddenly fall in a puddle.

Nature holds many things in store
which can make you really sore.
So it’s best for you to stay
always on a proper way.

Strings attached

Shoes without strings make matters plain.
You would not have to tie the knot
when bowing deep becomes a strain,
but shoes with strings are all you got.

No strings attached means you are free
to decide which way to go:
maybe just on a shopping spree
to buy shoes while the price is low.

More often though the lack of strings
is metaphorically meant:
attaching no unpleasant things
to what you see as heaven sent.

Strictly for the birds

Feeding animals is easy,
but you should know what they can eat.
Otherwise stomachs get queasy,
not everything can be a treat.

Confronted with some heavy stuff
digestion will refrain from chores,
which consequently makes life rough
and in the end its lethal cause.

As an advice, before we feed
someone with what they can’t digest,
we should consider what we seed
and not risk any deadly test.