Kategorie: Contemplation – calming down

No rush with brush

From five to six with greater care
man fought the all night shadow
from chin to neck nothing to spare,
a hairy short-lived meadow.

First scented lather was applied
with lots of tiny bubbles,
covered the face from side to side
enclosing all the stubbles.

The softer brush worked like a charm
before the sharpened knife –
whose use demanded to be calm –
endangered beard and life.

One piece

You lie when with yourself content,
feeling with the world at peace,
arms and legs are comfortably bent
on a your skin caressing fleece.

This emotion is expressed here in one piece
made of wood and beautifully shaped.
Carved and sanded, then polished with grease
lest not one false bump on it escaped.

By an artist’s hands the wood evolved
from a stem into a human figure
whose proportions painstakingly solved
show which body parts are mostly bigger.


Everybody’s sense of recreation
differs slightly, but some have a common aim.
In wind and water they find exultation
and meet the challenge, never quite the same.

When others stay indoors for fear of storm
they dare to fight it, using its sheer strength
to push them, being able to perform
the wildest jumps in height as well as length.

Thus recreation turns out quite dynamic
when people can deliberately compete.
But once a pastime will become pandemic
it might no longer leisure standards meet.

Resisting everything but temptation

Temptation is thoroughly bad, they say,
it’s the devil’s work in progression.
Whatever tempts you to do then may
send your soul to a hellish session.

You have to resist the call of the wild
and your innate inclination
to comply to ethics, tame and mild,
defy the dreadful temptation.

Resistance is good, but now and then
giving in to an alluring crave
won’t certainly harm you, at least when
you know when to stop and be brave.

Running tide

One cannot stop the running tide
which sweeps flotsam away
and takes all things along the ride
that are not firm and stay.

The current of a fashion trend
is known to pull as well.
And quite a lot of people bend
to its imposing swell.

To let yourself be carried thus,
allow the latest craze,
you have to welcome all the fuss,
not miss a single phase.

The net

The net connects with thread-like fibre
where nothing was before.
A former space – and not the cyber –
was freer then much more.

The cyberspace now far and wide
without such formal beauty
of rules that spiders do abide
often negates all duty.

The internet is sometimes gross
in building bridges fast to cross.

Time for less

Thanks to the global network’s haste
we can hardly cope.
We read and write and cut and paste;
use electronic dope.

In business, in chats and mail
we contact global friends,
no longer slowly like a snail
but as fast as it sends.

Thus we increase our daily stress
and wonder why we’re ill.
So we must take more time for less
or have to pay the bill.


A solid work of iron ore
is left to waste and rust
until the chain does hold no more
and crumbles into dust.

What is repeatedly in use
must be cared for and oiled.
You cannot win if you just choose
to neglect chains thus coiled.

Like this the iron loses weight
that dissolves into air.
Now wait some years and you are late:
the chain is no more there.


A simple element, essential
for life on planets like our earth:
the liquid water, consequential
to combine molecules from birth.

But also loved in form of steam
that rises up in clouds together
which keep out many a sunbeam
and give us back the rainy weather.

Let’s not forget the ice and snow
which cover poles and thus provides
the globe’s rotation axis so
that ocean currents balance tides.