Kategorie: Constriction – in the internet


Things too far away to reach
can be blown up digitally
like this sculpture near the beach,
not enlargened literally.

So what fiction can provide:
zooming in and zooming out,
is but a fictitious guide,
regarding what it’s all about.

Being aware that by a zoom
we cannot change what we can reach
we at the same time needn’t doom
ourselves to inactivity and gloom.


A priviledge of youth can be
to seek the distance from the old.
And although of the quite same mould
they rather want to disagree.

Independence at all cost,
even though without the means,
is the aim of today’s teens.
Without smartphones they are lost.

The escape from parents’ eyes
is of paramount appeal.
Without them, though, the young might feel
that their protection can be wise.

X-ray vision

Even x-rays seem outdated
as today one can look through
walls of concrete elevated
virtually but somehow true.

Algorithms give the means
to see what in actual state
rather imperfectly leans,
but the vision does inflate.

Thus the structure of a place,
visible like x-ray bones,
can still partially save face
despite the defects it condones.


The world-wide web contains no strings,
some cables, it is true, however,
it holds without them lots of things
which, once connected, do not sever.

As in a brain some facts are lost
and might be found by experts’ skill,
whose efforts, of course, mean they cost.
Wanting them you pay the bill.

Masses of data stored forever
even if nobody cares.
In gaps of the web quite clever
the darknet hides all that it dares.

Virtual reality

What is real and what is fake?
We believe in what we see,
or for optimism’s sake
in the state something could be.

Fantasy lets room for many
stories that mankind can tell.
Natural mistrust seems canny,
not buying all that people sell.

Films and dreams somehow present
real life scenes, yet not to hold.
Virtual worlds to some extent
sell a life where you are bold.