Kategorie: Connection – interrupted

Winter sun

The sun seems cold on winter days,
at least that’s what we feel.
Its almost horizontal rays
can’t pass as a big deal.

But when it shines it is the light
that lifts winter depression.
We need it to see clear and bright,
enjoy colourful fashion.

We want to overcome the grey
of clouds, of life, of dust,
and praise each day when we can say
we live a life of lust.

Winter green

Even in winter fields are green
not only in one hue:
some dark and light greens in between
when sunshine filters through.

The moss on trees stays wide awake
to catch the light that shines,
and conifers for Christmas’ sake
lift spirits when one whines.

The green in winter helps survive
depression and low mood,
because it demonstrates to strive
and enjoy drink and food.

When in Rome

When in Rome do as the Romans do
means that you must adapt
to customs that feel strange to you.
To others they are apt.

As a guest you show restraint,
observe what your hosts do.
And even if some things seem quaint,
you try to use them, too.

So gradually you may dare
to present your old ways
which they may willingly then share.
Perhaps one of them stays.


Not for letters, not for fire,
this column here just stands.
Of course we see what it was prior
to decoration brands.

But vintage things now gain respect,
we value their fine arts.
Forgotten junk that you detect
becomes a hype that starts.

Old cars for instance may not work
to transport and be driven.
They only are a special quirk,
and not at all a given.

True colours

The colour that you see is an illusion
which everybody feels perfectly true,
however individual the fusion
of light and your perception might prompt you.

The world within your head is your own notion.
Reality around you seems to differ.
And thus you find yourself upon an ocean
where waves rock confidence and sudden wind gets stiffer.

It is the moment when you find connections
with people who can share your views,
which helps to cope with all the imperfections
and puts yourself into your walking shoes.

Things we do not see

Many things we do not see
influence us, however.
They may well undetected be
and some simply never.

So what we see is just a glance
that our brain accepts.
A different look, a second chance,
and our view adapts.

Anyway we must admit
that what we understand
is of the whole a tiny bit
and everything but grand.

The winner takes it all

That is the trouble when you win:
you are the only one.
Others might take it on the chin:
you’re second best to none.

So when your fame is spreading out
all other names grow pale.
Your fans support you when they shout,
but don’t like when you fail.

To be a famous star that shines
can be a stressing pain.
Publicity in the front lines
drops fast when conquests wane.

The weight of water

The weight of water can be seen
when ice pulls branches down.
With heavy load they sadly lean,
a silver coat on brown.

Blue skies give hope to lose the weight
as melting ice starts dripping,
which resurrects the burdened state
and has the branches flipping.

The water on the ground then lies,
its weight seemingly low.
Then either sunrays make it rise
or it sinks down below.

The way to hell

The way to hell is paved with good intentions,
because one is too weak to follow stricter rules;
far easier to give in old pretensions,
which shows us as pathetic hopeless fools.

So let us then admit our weakness boldly
and simply try to limit the excess.
Let’s bear the neighbour’s open contempt coldly
because what others think really concerns us less.

The power of storms

A monster storm chops oak trees, too,
they are no match to him.
But like a match they break in two
when hit like on a whim.

They have no chances to resist
nature’s collective force
that gets them in a mighty twist
quite unprepared, of course.

Gale-forces make no difference
between what’s built or stands,
and don’t show any lenience.
All life is in their hands.