Kategorie: Congratulations – no need to understand poetry

Yellow clouds

Yellow clouds signal a menace,
we instinctively feel warned of danger,
and only calm down on the premise
that yellow rain looks even stranger.

Warning signals are, however,
in nature known as mimikry.
Some harmless flies appear quite clever
in black and yellow like the bee.

We use this contrast as a sign
for substances you must not touch.
Even the sun’s bright yellow shine
indicates danger threats as such.

Winter moon

Some stars accompany the winter moon
which illuminates the frozen fields.
Life is still sleeping but will wake up soon
oblivious of the power the moon wields.

Moonlight awakes a special mystery
when the crisp air seems to quiver
and you somehow smell forgotten history
whose old sagas make you shiver.

So man and animal like the protection
of house or stable in these winter days.
But winter moonlight offers introspection
magically reaching deep with rays.

What people see

What people see is what they think is true.
This is important, otherwise we doubt
the world around us, me and you,
despairing not to know what it’s about.

However, every person’s brain
has different notions of the things they see,
because experiences do remain
their singularly special referee.

Deciding what to do or what to leave
is based on our own perception.
So what we see seems right and we believe,
sparingly conceding the exception.

What you cannot see

What you cannot see can still be there.
You might perceive only the vague effects.
And then you wonder why on earth you care
what is behind some very strange defects.

However, even the smart scientists admit
that things exist that have not been explained.
Some theories might in most cases fit,
but my mind is not specially trained.

So mysteries remain which can’t be seen
nor understood, no matter, too, how hard we try.
And I can’t know what all things really mean,
nor find the answers or the reasons why.

Where do we go?

To some their aim in life seems crystal clear
right from their start of education.
But in most cases lives appear
to be a net of fabrication.

Any day can be decisive
and give your life a different turn,
or give by accident advice if
for a new idea you burn.

Then you sway and take direction
towards your envisioned grail
which you follow to perfection
disregarding woe and fail.


Nature developed in profusion
a cornucopia of form.
But man’s methodical intrusion
cut their number in a storm.

We enjoy nature, peace and quiet,
see coloured flowers with delight,
but at the same time cope with riot
and scorn and disrespect and fight.

Only variety, however,
helps us and nature to proceed
and continuously endeavour
to see what people really need.

Two of a kind

Two of a kind in colour are
beautiful decoration.
The sham, not recognized from far,
could be an implantation.

Distinguishing the plants you find
two species bound together,
difficult for the colour blind
if they don’t see the tether.

One of a kind each person can
show their unique trait.
Finding it is harder than
hiding when’s too late.


It’s times between the days and nights
when mysteries are born.
In fantasies there are big fights
beasts against unicorn.

One cannot help but fantasize
and see the strangest things,
like dragons lying in disguise
or polishing their wings.

In former times the fairy tales
told of a twilight zone.
Today fantasy stories’ sales
achieve high rates alone.

Thinking of nothing

When asked “What do you think?” you say
“Nothing!” to stop the prodding short.
Nothing concrete in mind you stay
content, without much meaning fraught.

In such a state of naught to balance
you just look and feel the air.
You give peace to all your talents
to calmly focus then and there.

Watching the ocean and the sky
can be enough to see
and wonder where and who and why
you’d rather like to be.

The grass is always greener

We sometimes disregard the things we own
and carelessly take them for granted,
although our life is just on loan
and without our help was planted.

Showing envy then is no justification,
which only reveals our greed,
and clearly defies all examination
because the green can be nothing but weed.

The aim for us is simply satisfaction
with what we have or leave or do.
What others have is only a distraction
from what we know is good for us and true.