Kategorie: Conditions – nothing is easy

Order and chaos

We always assume they are opposite views
and think chaos destroys every order.
For the sense of method makes us choose
any structure that shows a clear border.

How beautiful, therefore, to finally see
that the details in chaotic states
convey forms recognizable to a degree:
a system that chaos creates.

Your turn

See, even trees can turn around,
their stems adapt and thus can twist.
Why exactly can’t be found
when it’s too late. You get the gist.

Now it’s your turn to understand
why people turn their ways to think.
“Because of adaptation” lies at hand
when fate puts them close to the brink.

But then we do despise the turn
in cases of a sudden change
that when with open eyes we learn
they profit from a wider range.

Lost in thought

When you seem to get lost in thoughts,
you find yourself in a maze of sorts.
You try to escape the spiralling ways
but stick in repeating scenes of mays …

… or may-nots in vague indecision.
Though what you want is a leading vision.
The moment you see a possible action
you can leave this circle of dissatisfaction.


Touching an angel seems but a dream,
ridiculous the vision.
From time to time, though, it may seem
a secret intuition.

Sensitive people feel how fate
sometimes chooses to link
events when people seem to wait
for just an angel’s wink.

A hard reality, however,
a brass handle to press
an angel’s back down seems so clever:
it opens doors – no less.

Serious play

It seems to be a contradiction:
either serious or play.
But in musicians’ firm conviction
playing is earnest, night and day.

They practise hour after hour
to get the tune perfectly right
and feel their instrumental power
moving people, grave or light.

The harmony with other players
affects the audience complete
and then unfolds several layers
which sound together or compete.


Seen from the bottom things look tall,
if you can see at all,
from high above, however, small,
until you near or fall.

Some distance helps to judge a thing,
the value it might bring,
together with details that cling
and have you wondering.

Changing perspective makes you free
from different points to see
and not as biased referee
who needs his guarantee.

Sitting duck

Just to sit in peaceful mood
could present an aim for those
who find in the provoking food
because they are grim and morose.

A remedy for such attack
would be to not submit
the broader side to them to hack
your self-esteem a bit.

Showing your front means confidence
in your innate force.
No need to practise reticence
when you are strong, of course.

Left alone

All other apples have been taken
or fallen down just like the leaves.
Its confidence might have been shaken
or it still triumphs over thieves.

Being left alone feels stranger
than the concealment in a crowd,
and certainly presents a danger:
“I am here!” the shout is loud.

But if you stay true to your stock,
you hold on strongly where you are,
and all temptation does not rock
your firm belief in who you are.

The end of the line

Feeling sorry doesn’t help to win
friends or even happiness in spades.
On the other hand it is no sin
when the satisfaction with yourself once fades.

But you mustn’t give in to depression
nor stay in the valley of bad mood –
not to just make any good impression,
but for you – to stop yourself to brood.

See the sun in places where you are
and the shortfalls as the minor cases.
And whenever you do still feel under par
look more closely at your fellows’ faces.