Kategorie: Condensed – What everybody knew anyway


Winter in our latitudes
seems often grey and sad,
which is why the turn of moods
directs to going mad.

Remedy to the loss of fun
might music be and dance,
or a blue sky and shining sun
that makes the day advance.

When daylight gradually extends
the joy of life lifts, too.
And when the winter finally ends
nature starts anew.

What everybody knew

Here is what everybody knew:
nature’s moves are rambling.
And the diversity this grew
is never quite assembling.

Depending on the ground they find
plants choose their way to thrive.
Not all ubiquitous inclined
try hard to stay alive.

We humans tend to just neglect
all other species’ needs,
and only now seem to detect
we need the plant that feeds.

Water in colour

You always think it’s transparent,
the water that you know
and criticise the one who sent
blue water, thank you, no.

But when you see the sea all day
you find such different hues
that you decide to always say:
yes, water can show blues.

It can show orange, greys and green
depending on the light.
All shades of colours can be seen.
The wind makes even white.

Under the skin

Terror creeps under the skin
and doesn’t leave you unaffected.
It permanently fights to win
against the barrier you erected.

The skin of animals is deep
and often toughened by a fur.
Whatever panic dares to creep
under the skin makes instincts stir.

The fight or flight reaction saves
in cases when a danger strikes.
And so each animal behaves
to save its skin and what it likes.

Too small

Too small to be able to make things good,
too many to work together.
We think that we can replace the wood,
but are at the end of our tether.

Too much destroyed for our pleasure,
too egotistic aims.
We aim to augment our leisure,
and increase our claims.

Too many talks in idle meetings,
too many promises to act.
Very politely we swap greetings
but in the end we miss the fact.

The pelican

The balance of the belly can
succeed even when standing.
More strenuous when the pelican
sinks shortly before landing.

The beak is full of fish and crab
assembled in a bag.
Filtering food that it could grab
so nothing much would lag.

When pelicans are back on land
they prefer to lie down
and process what they ate – to stand,
and happy not to drown.

The old windmill

That was indeed a great invention
and certainly took quite a lot
of trial and error, not to mention
some courage to give it a shot.

To use the wind that used to trouble
when people needed calm to move,
they put together bricks and rubble
and built the mill, knowledge to prove.

This way the process of the crushing
of corn to finer bags of flour
helped thoroughly without much rushing
but rattled hour after hour.

The frame

With pictures often it’s the frame
that for their effect is to blame.
A too big one can surely maim
a work of art. Here not the same.

When the proportions are correct
and sizes are carefully checked
then the picture you inspect
is centre of the eye direct.

Thus the biggest frame can show
what the artists surely know
that attention which is low
can be pulled by frames just so.